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Sparkling Rosé

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A refreshing and fruity alcohol-free sparkling wine, the result of meticulous technical research and demanding winemaking trials. As a result, despite being free of alcohol, this wine maintains the natural aromas and characteristics of the grapes. In recent years we have further reduced the sugar content.

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Tasting Notes

With an attractive pale pink colour and persistent bubbles, it has mainly wild berries on the nose, accompanied by floral notes and tropical fruits. On the palate it is especially fruity, fresh and pleasant. It fills the mouth with a well-balanced acidity and the medium-sized bubbles produce a very refreshing finish.

Wine Serving Recommendation

Recommended serving temperature: 5-7°C


Appetizers, Salads, desserts

Wine Region


Grape Varieties

Airén with some Xare.lo


< 0.05%

Residual Sugar

38 g/l beginning in 2022


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