Elyssia Pinot Noir

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The grapes for this wine are harvested at night to preserve their delicate notes when making this pinot noir. The variety is known for being low in tannins and not particularly full-bodied. It is elegantly fruity on the palate.

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Tasting Notes

Medium-intense raspberry pink, with abundant, lively, medium-sized bubbles. Fruity with intense aromas of red fruit such as raspberries, currants and cherries. Fruity in the mouth, tasty and sweet with a refreshing acidity, easy to drink and with a long finish.

Wine Serving Recommendation

Recommended serving temperature: 6-8°C


This rosé pairs well with intense dishes and complements heavier foods. Pair it with a charcuterie board, a good Iberian ham with toasted bread with tomato or roasted pork with baked spiced apples. It also pairs well with salmon or trout as well as paellas from Spain and risottos, Thai food and sweet- and-sour dishes. It’s surprisingly good with: PB&J sandwiches!

Wine Region

D.O. Cava

Grape Varieties

Pinot Noir


Minimum of 10 months




Brut 9 g/l


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