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Served cocktails in straight-sided glasses garnished with fruit peels and pomegranite seeds with the faceted Prosecco bottle behind.

Is your Cava lonely? Or are you looking for a new way to drink it? Cocktails are the answer. Don’t know where to start? Here are some tips, or click on our cocktails for recipes and instructions.


Choose the perfect glass. For maximum enjoyment for your Cava cocktail, choose a wider glass (ideally pre-chilled) to give you more volume, and the chance for aromas to reach your nose to start celebrating even before the first sip.

Two served glasses and a bottle of Prosecco beside a bucket of ice.

Consider your ingredients to match your taste. Do you want fruitiness? Acidity? A Mediterranean glow? Match the ingredients to the situation, and don't forget how colour affects perception.

A table with a faceted bottle of Italian Rosé among other pink food items such as a pomegranate, candied fruit, dried berries and macarons shot from above.

The difference is in the details. Choose a garnish to evoke a mood.

Two served cocktails in tumblers on a wooden board garnished with apple, cinnamon and herbs.

Break the ice. With friends new and old. And don't forget to chill that cocktail with some big, chunky ice for a slow melt.

A coupe glass with a pink sparkling cocktail garnished with figs and herbs.

Let it flow. Every cocktail is another chance to set the mood and make connections.

A woman’s hand holding a glass of pink liquid garnished with berries, poolside. The bottle is also visible.

No Cava left behind. Every one of our sparklers can be consumed on its own or as a cocktail. Mix and match to find the perfect combination for every occasion.


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