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Grapevines with vineyards and mountains behind with a woman in a blue coverall picking grapes in the foreground.

Part of celebrating life is taking care of the world we live in. That translates to taking specific actions to promote sustainability. We have been working to reduce our environmental impact since 1999 and have been part of the UN Global Compact since 2002, as well as being committed to the 2030 agenda for sustainable development.

THIS IS HOW we celebrate life RESPONSIBLY


To combat climate change, since 2017 all electrical energy purchased is from 100% renewable sources. We have also eliminated the use of diesel at Freixenet and we invest in low-consumption electronics (cooling equipment, LED lights). Our efforts to fight climate change and reduce our emissions have allowed us to reduce our Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions by 81 percent from 2012 to 2022.

A grape vine against the sky.

In terms of the grapes produced, we use every part. From the sub-products (pomace, lees and brisa) produced, alcohol and other elements are obtained.

Grapes shot from below, still on the vine.

Our packaging puts the environment first. Our glass bottles are 100% recyclable, and we use natural corks, which has a positive environmental impact.

Rows of inverted wine bottles on a rack.

We choose our ingredients carefully to keep environmental impact low. Our ingredients are 100% natural, vegan and locally sourced.

Gloved hands tending a grape vine.

We are continually innovating and working to reduce water use. Since the inception of our water management system, we have decreased our water consumption by more than 35%.

Young grapes still on the vine.

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